Our Services

Welcome to Ellerbe Associates Consulting & Design services! We are ready to work with you and create projects in a professional and timely manner.

Software outsourcing

  • Analysis of client’s business-processes
  • Development and integration of modules and subsystems
  • Development of program components and libraries

Database outsourcing

  • Organization of databases for business-applications
  • Administration of databases

Outsourcing of equipment and networks

  • Technical support for serviceability of computers and office equipment
  • Administration and support of a computer network
  • Consulting services for optimization of the IT-solutions

Outsourcing of company safety policy

  • Data protection from intrusion and unloading
  • Terminal access to data

Web-Design and Mastering

Websites development

    • Drafting

A preliminary set of sketches will be created according to the requirements of our clients. The design of the home page and supporting pages will be developed with company logo and all necessary data to reflect the wishes of our customers.

    • Design

After approval by our customer, a complete unique website design will be created according to the data and information supplied by client.

    • Programming

New program modules will be created and any currently used modules can be incorporated into the system. Content management system (CMS) will also be written as required.

    • Hosting

Your website can be placed with hosting that grows with your business. Comprehensive client training will be provided to manage new websites with fast page load times.

E-Shops development

    • Catalogue

Detailed multilevel catalogues can be created containing all necessary product data with images and descriptions.

    • Search engine

Advanced fast search capabilities to instantly find products. Connections to special internet-shop electronic catalogs.

    • Comparison of goods

Special tool to allow product choices with comparisons for consumer and price characteristics.

    • Ordering

The ordering system consists of several parts: baskets, order forms and a system for processing the orders. The system can be improved with special calculations for the total cost of purchase and the shipping functions as the orders are processed.

    • Marketing and advertisements

Graphic banners and promotional material can be created to advertise and promote products.

Content Management Systems creation

    • Our experts have created efficient CMS programs that are simple to use and provide accurate data. The most significant features of our CMS systems is the maximal flexibility of “View and appearance” that is determined by the configuration XML-files. These can be created individually on each new website.

CMS allows the ability to edit text along with all of basic functions of modern word-processors. This process allows the creation of product catalogs, new galleries, subscriptions and orders.

Architectural Design

    • The success of the project will be a result of qualitative information structure subsystem and a hierarchy of classes and structure of its database.
    Our experts use original efficient Design Pattern and Templates that have a proven track record. This allows to minimize the risk of mistakes and enables the project to be completed in the least amount of time, and provide quality results.

Design Patterns

This is an effective way to design using characteristic tasks as a guide. This is especially true when designing computer programs. A pattern is not a sample of the project which can be transformed into a code. Describing how to solve a task enables it to be used in various situations. The object- oriented patterns will frequently show the relations and interactions between classes or objects without definition of final classes or objects of the application that will be used.

The main benefit of each separate pattern is that it describes the decision of the whole class of abstract problems. The fact that each pattern has the name, facilitates discussions about abstract structures of the data (ADT) between the developers as they refer to known patterns. At the expense of pattern unification and terminology, names of modules and elements of the project is made. Correctly formulated patterns allows for successful decision to be repeated. Idioms and patterns are independent in relation to programming language.

Our company experts will provide detailed analysis of the business-requirements and technical specifications including ER and UML diagrams. These will allow the client to make positive decisions for completing tasks, and help develop supporting data systems for their company.